Loans and loans for single parents

Single parents can apply for a cash loan. However, in this case, it must take into account that the bank will make the decision to grant a loan conditional on the amount of regular income. The lender will check whether the client’s remuneration provides funds for:

  • fees needed,
  • expenses related to everyday life,
  • coverage of the installment of the debt incurred.

It will be harder for a single parent to get a loan than, for example, people in relationships. His creditworthiness will be much lower.

People working on an employment contract, regularly receiving maintenance payments and a positive credit history have the best chance of getting a consumer loan. On this scale, customers without family benefits, working part-time and with negative entries in BIK are on the opposite pole.

It is slightly easier with an installment loan to buy durable goods such as a fridge, washing machine, oven, vacuum cleaner, which are offered by various stores and retail outlets. In such a situation, the loan decision is learned in a few minutes and all formalities are dealt with on the spot.

Online loan as an alternative to a cash loan

Online loan as an alternative to a cash loan

What if we do not meet the bank’s requirements and cannot count on a loan? It is worth considering a quick loan online.

Often such a solution is the last resort for a lonely guardian. To use it, all you need is:

  • choose the non-bank institution that suits us best,
  • find her page on the web and
  • complete the application.

A non-bank loan with a financial advisor

You can also ask financial helpers who  they will check for us various offers available on the market. Such advisors work, among others at Sucantob.

It is a proven financial operator, which cooperates with many banks and the non-banking sector. He looks for the best options for his clients and advises on financial matters.

To use his help, just go to Sucantob, fill out the form and wait for a response from the consultant. Based on the conversation he will look for the best offer for us. After completing all the formalities, the money will be in our account.

Payday is an easily available source of funds

We can also look for offers on our own and decide on entities providing moments ek. They are quite a practical solution when there is a shortage of money for various expenses. By repaying such commitment on time, we automatically get the opportunity to take another non-bank loan – on better terms. 

This payday loan helps to finance various needs related to raising children. It is useful e.g. when buying:

  • winter footwear and clothing,
  • Cots,
  • truck,
  • care cosmetics,
  • school materials (textbooks, notebooks, stationery).

Important! Regardless of how attractive the offer of a non-bank company seems to be, remember that such a loan should be a last resort. For example, if for some reason you have to extend the repayment deadline, you may encounter an unpleasant surprise in the form of a large extension fee and the total costs of such an obligation.

Preferential mortgage for single parents

Single parents are not left without help. The above solutions provide funds for ad-hoc purchases. And does such a person have a chance at their own home?

 Yes of course! The Act on financial support for families in purchasing their own apartment allows a single parent to obtain a mortgage on preferential terms.

To use it, several conditions must be met. One of them is the need to raise at least one child :

  • a minor or
  • at any age – as long as we receive care allowance or
  • until they are 25 years old – if they are studying (at all levels of education, including higher education).

You should know that these requirements must meet Æ only in the process of applying for funding. After receiving it, if the lender loses the status of a single parent or the child ceases to meet any of the above requirements, it will not result in the loss of subsidies.

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