Consumer credit consolidation how does it work?

Since the 1980s, banking institutions supported by central banks have been promoting the use of consumer credit. So much so that today it has become the main lever to preserve the purchasing power of households and thus promote economic growth.

Indeed, this financial solution allows the French household to carry out all types of projects and this in a simplified way.

Borrow, a financial option available to everyone

Borrow, a financial option available to everyone

Simple and fast fund availability for all projects!

Consumer credit is primarily a loan with simplified access and unblocking conditions.

Unlike the Celso Chuwa real estate, very often, it’s not a credit affected. This means that the funds are unlocked directly to your bank account, after the debtor is free to use them as he sees fit. However, in the context of compliance and to avoid any loan of illicit money, the lender can require you a proof of payment.

The consumption-type claim can Martin Chuzzlewitr many purchases: holidays to relax and discover, but also for the completion of renovation or development work, or to pay for the purchase of a car…

Of course, it is essential to check your debt capacity before opting for a loan envelope. However, we can only note the rapid growth of Celso Chuwa’s companies, and they offer attractive offers easy to subscribe.

Sometimes it is enough to sign a loan contract received at home in advertising format. So what’s simpler and more incentive? We must be very vigilant to avoid over-indebtedness.

Financial help facing the moments of life requiring an exit in high €!

Consumer lending can also respond to a financial need related to a change in the course of life. These moments can be expected and therefore happy (passing the driver’s license, pay university studies, first installation autonomy, marriage, birth…).

More and more French people are using bank loans to organize the wedding of their dreams. It is also a backup solution in case of life hazards (home and auto claims, car breakdown…).

The unexpected sometimes leads to exceptional expenses, which can not be met without a minimum of available savings. Consumer credit is then intended to offset this sudden financial need.

Once again, it remains essential to have a capacity to repay adapted over time. The main advantage over the use of savings is undoubtedly the insurance coverage associated with credit. In the event of a risk, the borrowing monthly payment is not covered by the insurer.

The purchase of consumer credit: the financial cure par excellence

The purchase of consumer credit: the financial cure par excellence

How it works?

The purchase of consumer credit   occurs when the debtor (s) already has several outstanding loans without guarantees in repayment.

The remaining capital due may be of different types (real estate loan (s), consumption credit, family debt (s), bank overdraft or revolving credit (s)).

The purpose of this process is to encompass all debts owed under a single credit agreement. For that, it is advisable to make a preliminary study on line. This one is simple and especially fast. At the end, we guarantee a reminder by one of our expert advisers as soon as possible (under 48 hours maximum).

From the elements that you have communicated to him, your dedicated advisor has for mission to offer you the best solution of redevelopment. For this, it can rely on strong partnerships with banks specialized in the purchase of credit.

Once you have made your choice, you receive at home the loan consolidation offer. Upon return of this offer signed by you, we make the necessary to refund the current credits. The redemption of credits is therefore a simple procedure in which you will always be accompanied by your advisor.

The consequences of the credit redemption?

First of all, there is no need to worry about a possible credit card billing (FICP) or, for card and check not paid (FCC), quite the opposite! Unlike the overindebtedness plan, this procedure leaves no trace. Financial restructuring gives rise to real fiscal consolidation.

In fact, the repurchase of credit reduces the household’s debt ratio. Therefore, the remaining monthly living after payment of the financial charge is revalued. It is a new life that is offered to the debtor. You avoid the exorbitant fees associated with debiting an account. Lastly, this operation offers greater clarity in family budget management, which is often undermined by over-funding.

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