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October 6, 2012

Introducing Three New Dollhouse Furniture Collections

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Library Ensemble Collection

Town Square Platinum's Library Ensemble Collection

In the past month we’ve introduced 3 new dollhouse furniture collections to our website:

1. The Belmont Collection is made by Bespaq Miniatures, and includes a 3-piece set under the Town Square Platinum Collection name. This gorgeous miniature furniture collection made for your miniature nursery features heirloom quality construction and exquisite detail. It’s finished in antique white with hand-painted soft blue accents and feminine floral detailing. This is a nursery collection that will stay in the family for years to come.

2. Our popular Lion Leg Living Room Set by Town Square Platinum Collection is now available for purchase separately. You can customize your miniature space’s look with this traditional set. Pieces in this classic set can now be purchased individually including the sofa, chair, tea table and side table. This sophisticated set features the look of leather and is framed in solid wood with a warm walnut finish. Another heirloom quality collection that will last for generations!

3. For the contemporary miniature lover, we have introduced the Library Ensemble Collection, also by Town Square Platinum Collection. The barrel-style chairs will add a distinctively modern look to your miniature house or room box. Made of solid wood and finished in walnut. This set is also meticulously constructed, and is your keepsake for tomorrow.

Please continue to check the New Products section of our website as we expand our miniatures selection.

October 18, 2010

Ten Dollhouse Miniatures You Can’t Do Without

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Miniature Feather Duster by Chrysnbon

Miniature Feather Duster by Chrysnbon

You’ve constructed your dollhouse kit. Installed windows and doors, painted the trim, electrified your rooms and even selected gorgeous wallpaper and paint for each room. Now comes the part you’ve eagerly awaited: Decorating. There are almost endless possibilities when it comes to furnishing and accessorizing a dollhouse. You may find yourself selecting individual items, unsure of how you will work them into your overall decorating scheme. To help make this process a bit simpler, we’ve selected our 10 favorite items that we consider “must-haves” for anyone who is decorating a dollhouse. Enjoy!

1. Dollhouse Miniature Chest: A miniature chest can come in many forms: a trunk, a dresser, a chest of drawers or a linen bench. All have a common purpose: to store more dollhouse accessories. Depending upon the type of chest and the room you will plan to display it in, a chest can be filled with miniature bedding and linens, towels, clothing, hats, toys and more. It’s a great way to add “eye candy” to your dollhouse.

2. Dollhouse Mirror: We use mirrors in our own homes because they add visual space and redistribute light in a very pleasing way. Mirrors in a dollhouse will do much the same thing. They can help create the illusion of a larger space. In addition to a bathroom, consider placing mirrors above your dollhouse fireplace, in your dollhouse living room or in a bedroom.

3. Dollhouse Miniature Flowers: Flowers liven up a space and give it a sense of natural warmth and color that no other accessory can. Consider adding potted flowers with a unique twist around your dollhouse. Beautiful miniature dollhouse cactus plants, roses, orchids or a miniature dollhouse bonsai all make interesting and natural accessories.

4. Dollhouse Pet: Nothing says home like a pet and your dollhouse should be no different. Pet choices are plenty: you can have a dog, cat, bird, fish, hamster or guinea pig (just to name a few). If you are like many hobbyists who prefer dogs, consider popular breeds such as a dollhouse miniature Labrador or West Highland Terrier.

5. Dollhouse Fireplace: A fireplace is another addition that will add interest and warmth to your dollhouse. Fireplaces come in many styles from metal stoves to dollhouse fireplace wall units that span an entire wall. Choose a fireplace with style and materials appropriate to the period in which you are decorating.

6. Dollhouse Chandelier: Chandeliers exude elegance and depending upon the architectural style you are seeking to achieve, can be practical too. If you have wired your dollhouse for lighting, there are many choices of chandeliers or pendant lights and you’ll have the added bonus of seeing the fixture light up. If you have opted not to electrify, take heart as there are also gorgeous non-working dollhouse chandeliers out there.

7. Miniature Fine Art: Art is essential in any home and this is especially true for a dollhouse. However, it’s important to have at least one very special piece in your dollhouse. Something that pulls the architectural style of the room together and gives your dollhouse a sense of realism. A piece of fine art could be an abstract painting or a traditional oil painting depending upon the style you are working with.

8. Dollhouse Clothing: It’s easy to overlook miniature dollhouse clothing since your dollhouse armoire and chests are often displayed closed, but this is an excellent opportunity to add detail. If you stop and think about it – every house has clothes.

9. Cleaning Products: This is another item that is often overlooked when decorating a dollhouse, yet it is essential to achieve a realistic effect. Every dollhouse needs to be cleaned and miniature cleaning products stored neatly away in a cabinet remind us that every home gets dirty no matter the era. Simple cleaning items such as feather duster and a bucket are a couple examples of cleaning essentials.

10. Seasonal Accessories: We believe that even after you’ve finished decorating your dollhouse, the fun shouldn’t stop there. Use the seasons and holidays throughout the year to breathe new life into your masterpiece. Your hobby and love of decorating can continue, and the small seasonal accents can make a big difference (much as they do in our own homes). You’ll find that you look forward to the upcoming holidays and changing seasons as you anticipate what’s next for your dollhouse.

April 29, 2010

10 Dollhouse Miniature Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Filed under: Our Favorite Miniatures — Zoolabees Dollhouse Miniatures @ 2:27 pm
Hansson Dollhouse Blue Floral Sofa

Hansson Dollhouse Blue Floral Sofa

Mother’s Day is around the corner. Are you ready? If your mom has spent any time working on her dollhouse, there are lots of easy gift ideas you may want to purchase this year. Here are ten of the best any Mom would love in her dollhouse.

1. Miniature Cello – Adding musical instruments to a dollhouse office, living room, or even a den is an excellent idea, but as with any miniature, detail is the key. A miniature cello like this one offers a very high level of detail. Not only does it come with a lined case, but it has a small bow too. The product itself is made from solid wood, and the craftsmanship involved here is intricate and beautiful.

2. Dollhouse Pink Roses in Vase – Mothers everywhere love fresh flowers on their special day, and this little touch is sure to win you a few points since it’s for her dollhouse. Created by the well respected Falcon Miniatures company, the vase here includes six realistic pink roses in a cute glass vase that even appears as if it’s filled with water for the roses. It’s the perfect centerpiece for her dollhouse’s dining room table.

3. Heidi Ott Baby Doll – Miniature dolls are often a part of many dollhouses, no matter what period of time Mom is attempting to model. Handmade, these beautiful choices are nothing short of spectacular. They come with removable clothing, and they’re completely positionable. The Heidi Ott brand is synonymous with quality and authenticity, and Mom will be delighted to add this to her dollhouse.

4. Hansson Miniatures Blue Floral Sofa and Matching Chair – Want to add a really beautiful piece to the living room for Mom? This gorgeous floral sofa is an excellent choice. The entire sofa and chair is upholstered, and the cute country motif is a great choice depending on the style throughout Mom’s dollhouse.

5. Dollhouse Kit – Is Mom ready for a new project? Has she always dreamed of working on a dollhouse, but she’s never had the resources to get started? These amazing kits from Real Good Toys are the perfect place to start. With seventeen different choices in a variety of styles and sizes, you’re certain to choose one Mom will love decorating in the months to come. Moreover, though, choosing one of these now means you’ll always have a perfect gift idea for every holiday. There’s so much decorating to be done, you can’t go wrong in the holidays to come.

6. Hansson Eggshell Porcelain Dinner Service Set – Every dollhouse dining room needs a set of good china, and this is the ideal choice. It features a full twenty-eight pieces including four dinner plates and salad plates, three serving platters, two serving dishes (each of which come with a lid), a coffee pot that includes a lid, a creamer, a sugar bowl, and four tea cups and saucers. Elegantly painted in seafoam green with gold and fern accent colors throughout, it’s a great choice for Mom this year.

7. Miniature Computer Set – If Mom’s dollhouse is modeled with modern accents, a computer is a must have. Make certain you choose one with all of the accessories like a printer and a mouse. Moreover, ensure you purchase a stand for that new computer. You don’t want the dollhouse family to have to sit on the floor and work, do you?

8. Dollhouse Bathroom Set – Mom hasn’t gotten around to finishing up that bathroom yet? A solid bathroom set may help. These ones include multiple pieces: a bathtub, a toilet, a sink, and a miniature mirror. Made from porcelain, it’s a great choice to go with a number of different decors.

9. Hansson Dollhouse Fireplace Wall Unit – A fireplace is a beautiful addition to any home, and your mom’s dollhouse is little different. This particular choice features built in double bookcases, a faux granite mantel, a mirror, cabinets with opening doors, and four different drawers. It’s a large addition to her living room or den that she’s certain to truly appreciate.

10. Zoolabees E-Gift Certificate – When you’re not sure what to get because you know Mom would do a better job choosing her gift on her own, a dollhouse gift certificate is the right way to go. Starting in amounts as low as ten dollars, they’re a great way to show you care about her and her dollhouse.

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