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May 5, 2009

Jazz up your Dollhouse with these Summer Dollhouse Accessories

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Dollhouse Beach Ball from By Barb Miniatures

Dollhouse Beach Ball from By Barb Miniatures

As the long-awaited warmth of summer begins to emerge, we begin to ponder how we can bring the delight and excitement of the season of sun into our dollhouse creations. Whether you are creating a summer-themed miniature scene, or you have a dollhouse that was finished years ago in need of a little pizzazz, here are 10 fabulous dollhouse accessories that will bring a glimmer of summertime excitement into your dollhouse scene.

Lawn Mower: Every miniature garage or dollhouse yard isn’t complete without a mower. Nothing says summertime like the distant roar of a neighborhood lawn mower. Bring the sensation of summertime into your dollhouse with a miniature lawn mower.

Beach Ball: Bring the beach into your dollhouse with a miniature beach ball from By Barb Miniatures. This authentic-looking beach ball will add vibrant color and a touch of summertime whimsy to your dollhouse.

Barbecue Grill: Thoughts of a barbecue bring visions of sizzling patties and delectable aromas that accompany a summer cookout. Just the sight of a miniature BBQ grill is sure to make your mouth water!

Garden Tools: Miniature garden tools piled against the side of your dollhouse or tidily displayed on your porch are a sure sign summer has arrived. Add a pair of garden gloves and some beautiful blooms planted in terra cotta pots to complete your scene.

Beach Toys: If you are not creating a miniature beach scene, consider adding a sandbox to your dollhouse landscape. Fill the miniature sandbox with a set of dollhouse beach toys.

Garden Hose: It’s time to bring out the dollhouse garden hose! Our garden hose set includes a miniature faucet and hose reel to keep this miniature hose neatly stored on the side of your dollhouse.

Sandals: Casually lay a pair of dollhouse sandals outside the front door or anywhere in your dollhouse yard to add a touch of the season. This is a great opportunity to do some seasonal decorating inside your dollhouse too. Leave them inside the dollhouse next to your front door, or consider displaying them in your dollhouse bedroom.

Plants & Flowers: Go wild with summertime blooms both inside and outside of your dollhouse. A miniature hanging flower basket makes the perfect addition to your dollhouse porch. Add a blooming dollhouse hydrangea or potted rose plant inside your dollhouse.

Camping Tent: Nothing says summer has arrived like a pitched tent. A miniature tent is perfect for a camping-themed miniature scene. A tent can also be displayed in your dollhouse yard to give the illusion of a backyard campout!

Paint Can & Brush: It’s that time of year for home maintenance and the dollhouse is no exception. Display a miniature paint can and brush just outside your dollhouse to show those gazing at your display that a do-it-yourselfer has been hard at work!

April 4, 2009

Dollhouse Miniatures: Top Ten Accessories for your Dollhouse Nursery

Filed under: Dollhouse Decorating Tips — Zoolabees Dollhouse Miniatures @ 1:04 pm
Dollhouse Miniature Teddy Bear by Multi-Minis

Dollhouse Miniature Teddy Bear by Multi-Minis

When accessorizing a doll’s nursery, be sure to add these classic dollhouse miniatures to your baby’s room:

1. Dollhouse Lamp
– A must have for your dollhouse baby dresser or chest. Look for children’s themed lamps that include embellishments such as a teddy bear or duck.

2. Crib Sheets – Often overlooked, most miniaturists just go with the patterned or solid print on the mattress that comes standard with dollhouse cribs. Consider adding a pretty crib sheet set to your dollhouse crib’s mattress. If you don’t want to fit the mattress with a crib sheet, you can also display the baby’s linens spilling out from a partially-opened baby dresser drawer.

3. Baby Blanket – Drape a miniature baby blanket over the side of your dollhouse crib or on the back of a dollhouse rocking chair.

4. Miniature Baby Clothing
– Adorable clothing choices are available and will really warm up your dollhouse nursery. Some dollhouse baby outfits come with hangers, so you can display these on a wall hook. Otherwise, have fun filling the dresser drawers of your baby chest. Remember to add baby shoes too!

5. Diapers – Display a miniature box of diapers in your nursery. You can also purchase a few cloth diapers to display on your dollhouse changing table.

6. Diaper Bag – Casually flung over the back of your rocker or carefully placed alongside a changing table, the diaper bag adds a traditional detail to your doll’s nursery.

7. Nursery Toys – Dollhouse nursery toys are an essential in every nursery. They help to define the space as a nursery. Look for traditional dollhouse nursery toys such as miniature stick horses, baby blocks and teddy bears.

8. Baby Bottles – Thoughts of a nursery almost instantly conjures up images of baby bottles. Display these almost anywhere in your dollhouse nursery.

9. Baby Care Supplies – The dollhouse diaper stand or changing table is an empty space begging to be filled with charming accessories. Display miniature baskets filled with baby care essentials such as miniature bottles of baby lotion, baby powder, baby shampoo and baby oil.

10. Wall Decorations – Accessorize your dollhouse nursery walls with wall art, shadow boxes, pictures, embroidery hoops or decorative plaques. For a baby girl’s room, display a miniature ballerina wall plaque. For a boy’s room, display a miniature embroidery hoop in blue.

March 22, 2009

How to Decorate a Dollhouse Nursery in Victorian Period Style

Filed under: Dollhouse Decorating Tips — Zoolabees Dollhouse Miniatures @ 11:38 pm

Hansson Miniatures Victorian-style Rocking Chair

Hansson Miniatures Victorian-style Rocking Chair

The Victorian period was an era of luxury and opulence, and a dollhouse nursery decorated in the Victorian period style should reflect the rich and cluttered design of the times. The dollhouse nursery is one of the most fun rooms to decorate in a dollhouse because there are so many opportunities to place adorable dollhouse miniatures in such a small space.

The ideal wall treatment for a Victorian nursery is a wallpaper treatment with a detailed print. You can also decorate your dollhouse nursery with painted walls in jewel tones or rich hues of pink, purple and blue. Also, consider decorating with a combination of these two wall treatments with your choice of paint color on the upper half of the wall and wallpaper on the lower half, or vice versa. Keep in mind that richness in pattern is the key to achieving the authenticity of the Victorian era. If you opt not to go with wallpaper in your nursery, you will need rugs, drapery and bedding in sumptuous fabrics and textured patterns to help achieve the overall look.

In keeping consistent with the Victorian theme, look for curtains in a delicate lace fabric (cream or white-colored) or go bold with more opulent drapery that will hang from the top of the window to the floor. Rugs, miniature crib bedding and dollhouse blankets in rich patterns will help to bring a sense of lavishness to your miniature nursery.

When choosing dollhouse furniture for your Victorian nursery, look for pieces with ornate styles and hand-carved embellishments. Depending upon whether your nursery will be geared towards a baby girl or a baby boy, you can select the appropriate pieces and finish (however, it is much easier to find baby girl furnishings in this particular period style). Added details such as hand-painted floral embellishments or gold detailing will also help to capture your Victorian motif.

Collecting miniature accessories for your Victorian-era dollhouse nursery is perhaps the most fun. Purchase dollhouse toys and other miniature nursery supplies all at once, or add them slowly to the room as your budget allows. Look for classic Victorian accessories including a miniature rocking horse, an old-fashioned pram and a porcelain dollhouse tea set.

Let your imagination take over as your design your perfect Victorian dollhouse nursery!

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