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June 16, 2010

5 Miniature Items Every Dollhouse Bathroom Needs

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Town Square Miniatures Art Deco Bathroom Set

Town Square Miniatures Art Deco Bathroom Set

It’s one of life’s paradoxes: the smallest room in your house is the one that holds the most items. Your dollhouse’s bathroom is no different. Here are 5 must-have miniatures to include when decorating your dollhouse bathroom:

1. Dollhouse Bathroom Set: This seems obvious, but keep in mind the set you choose will dictate the style of your bathroom. Miniature bath sets typically include a toilet, bathtub and sink. There are many style choices – from sleek, contemporary porcelain to traditional wooden Victorian sets to choose among. It will be the primary focal point of your bathroom, so choose your bathroom set before choosing dollhouse wallpaper, flooring or paint colors.

2. Miniature Towel Rack: The towel rack or towel bar is a necessity as no bathroom is complete without towels. There are different styles to choose among including a standalone rack or wall-mounted towel bar. You can choose a finish (silver or brass, for example) to complement your decorating scheme.

3. Dollhouse Medicine Chest: A miniature cabinet or medicine chest is needed for storage of miniature toiletries and health items. Often, you can save space by finding a medicine cabinet with a mirror, that can be placed above your bathroom sink, or perhaps a cabinet with a towel rack to place above your miniature toilet.

4. Dollhouse Bath Rug: A mini bath rug will warm-up your bathroom and give a space with many cold, hard features a softer look. Consider a large miniature bath mat to place beside your bathtub or in the center of the room, if space permits. Consider coordinating the color of your bath rug with the color of your miniature towels.

5. Dollhouse Bath Accessories: The final touches in your dollhouse bathroom decorating project should include bathroom accessories that will add interest to your miniature scene. There are so many items to choose among and your chosen design theme should dictate which items you choose. For example, a traditional Victorian bathroom could include a miniature pitcher and bowl set. A more modern bathroom could include a basket of perfumes and lotions.

There are so many wonderful miniatures to choose from when decorating your bathroom. Plan your style first, then have fun choosing items that will make your tiny space come alive!

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