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May 25, 2010

Build a Green Dollhouse!

Filed under: Dollhouse Building Tips — Zoolabees Dollhouse Miniatures @ 4:27 pm
Dollhouse Miniature Garbage Can

Dollhouse Miniature Garbage Can

Living green is quickly becoming the way of life as more and more individuals recognize the importance of protecting the environment for future generations. If this is a trend that you willingly embrace, and you want to show how very dedicated you are to the cause, consider building a green dollhouse for your children to demonstrate the small ways a household can help in the effort.

Of course, miniature recycling bins and even solar panels on the roof of the home are a must, but more than that, you can build the home and its furniture in a way that exude the “reduce, reuse, recycle” motto of green living. Look to your own recycling bin for building materials. Consider using scrap lumber (or even twigs and branches from your own yard) to build the shell. Dollhouse wallpaper could be crafted from the pages of tossed magazines, curtains could be made from old wrappers of edible goods, and the card stock from old cereal boxes could easily be crafted into tiny and adorable pieces of dollhouse furniture. With careful and thoughtful craftsmanship, no one would even know that these were found materials. Fabric scraps from your own sewing room can be used to cover any cardboard construction including walls, floors and furniture, and the paint that is left in those old paint cans in the garage can be used to spruce the tiny place up a bit.

Once the house and furniture are built, you can begin to add to it the items that make a real home green. Just as you may have thought to add the solar panels or the recycling bin before, you may also consider crafting a wind mill for the backyard, a wood stove to cut down oil consumption or even a compost bin.

Don’t forget to embellish your miniature green home with special miniature accessories. Look to nature for inspiration: small twigs in a vase, a bowl of tiny pebbles and dried and pressed flowers framed into miniature dollhouse art for the walls. These small touches will say a great deal about the point of your project. Plus, it will be fun to watch it all come together!

May 13, 2010

Embellish Your Dollhouse Kitchen with Miniature Fruits and Vegetables

Filed under: Dollhouse Decorating Tips — Zoolabees Dollhouse Miniatures @ 1:21 pm

Dollhouse Basket of Green Beans

Dollhouse Basket of Green Beans

Just as with a real home, the dollhouse kitchen can serve as a beautiful focal point and a center of activity and detail is essential. Your overall goal is to recreate the world of your choice in miniature, and in real kitchens, fruits and vegetables are often part of the overall picture. Dollhouse vegetables and fruit selections are fairly easy to work into the overall décor. Here are a few tips that may help.

Scale Remains Essential – You’ve worked hard to keep all of your dollhouse miniatures in proportion, and the fruits and vegetables you choose shouldn’t break this rule. Generally, fruit isn’t half the size of your kitchen stove, so as you begin shopping for items such as miniature dollhouse bananas, consider the scale you’re working with. Most dollhouse enthusiasts stick with the one inch scale (where each inch equals a standard twelve inches) because it’s the most popular scale.

Style Must Be Considered – As you began building your dollhouse, you probably decided to incorporate a certain style. Some hobbyists work with Victorian era styles while others prefer a more modern look.  If you’re modeling a period and a season, you’ll need to remain consistent there too. For example, say your dollhouse works with an English Tudor summer style. You will want to choose fresh fruits and vegetables that would be available during that season and time period. Potatoes, for example, were only available in very large estates during this time period, so unless you’ve created a very large dollhouse in this period, they’re simply not appropriate. Additionally, consider how and where you would like to display your miniature produce. In a farmhouse, it was common practice to store vegetables in baskets, bins or wooden crates.  A more contemporary dollhouse would include fruits and vegetables stored in the refrigerator or a fruit bowl on the kitchen counter.

Don’t Forget About Aesthetics – Sure, you may not spend much time thinking about how real apples will look on your own kitchen table, but do take time to analyze your dollhouse vegetables and fruits and where you might put them in your dollhouse. Consider the size, color and texture of the miniature fruit or vegetable and the overall effect it will give your miniature project. If you’re not sure a bowl of oranges will give your dollhouse kitchen the visual impact you’re looking for choose another fruit or vegetable you think will look amazing.

Dollhouse vegetables and fruits are the perfect way to accessorize and bring an additional level of realism to your miniature kitchen, but there are several aspects to consider before you make your purchase. Take a moment to browse our extensive collection of fruits and vegetables. With lots of choices for almost every period and style as well as cute accessories like dollhouse vegetable bins, you’re certain to find the ideal produce for your kitchen.

May 1, 2010

5 Miniature Accessories Every Dollhouse Bedroom Needs

Filed under: Dollhouse Decorating Tips — Zoolabees Dollhouse Miniatures @ 9:08 am

Town Square Miniatures Poster Bed

Town Square Miniatures Poster Bed

Decorating the dollhouse bedroom is often the “icing on the cake” for many dollhouse hobbyists. There’s so much to consider in a typical bedroom, and coming up with all of the right miniature accessories for the bedroom in your dollhouse can be both fun and challenging.

As you begin to consider what may work with your project, don’t forget to think about several factors. The period that you plan to model is important. While a modern home has running water and plumbing, a Victorian home may not have.

Scale must also be considered. Much of what we offer is in 1:12 or 1:24 scale, and that’s the scale many hobbyists work with, but it must remain consistent throughout your home. While most dollhouse bedrooms end up looking quite different, more often than not, they include most of these top five items depending on the time period you’re emulating.

1. Dollhouse Bedding Set: Even those working with some of the earlier historical periods must have a bedding set to match. After all, everyone needs a bed and the right linens to top it off. For years, most bedrooms included a quilt on top of the bed, and many of those are available as well. Most of today’s bedding sets include accent pillows and dust ruffles, so if you’re modeling a modern home, adding accessories like these to your dollhouse bedroom is an absolute must.

2. Dollhouse Jewelry Chest: The lady of the house often has a number of jewelry items she must store somewhere, and a miniature jewelry box or chest is an excellent addition to any bedroom atmosphere. While there are a number of different choices as you choose the right dollhouse jewelry box, you’ll likely want one with a number of features. Opening doors, pull out drawers, and even hinged lids are all commonly available, and they can help to add a level of realism to the bedroom.

3. Dollhouse Clothing: Every dollhouse bedroom must include garments, and your dollhouse, no matter what period you’re working with, is little different. Fortunately, there are lots of options here as well. From miniature bathrobes, shirts and dresses to other accessories like hats, shoes, purses, and even belts, you’re certain to find options that will work out with your dollhouse. As you begin to add clothing items, though, you’ll want to consider dollhouse clothing hangers to help round out the package. You may even want to add an armoire or wardrobe to hang all of those clothes.

4. Dollhouse Lamps: While this addition depends a bit on the period of history you’re working with, even those modeling history before electricity will want to add kerosene lamps or gas lamps to help give an air of authenticity to the project. If you’re moving forward with something more modern, consider a working miniature lamp or even a lighted ceiling fan to help bring brilliance to your dollhouse.

5. Miniature Picture Frame: Sure, they may seem a bit mundane, but you see them throughout real homes, so why should your dollhouse be any different? As with almost all dollhouse miniatures, there’s much to choose from here as well. Whether you want your dollhouse to display fine art or family photos, you should be able to find the pictures and the frames you need.

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