Year: 2019

Loans and loans for single parents

Single parents can apply for a cash loan. However, in this case, it must take into account that the bank will make the decision to grant a loan conditional on the amount of regular income. The lender will check whether […]

Loans for beauty treatments?

  October 9, 2017 Face lifting, lip augmentation surgery, eyelid correction, scar removal? For Poles, fulfilling beauty cravings is no longer a problem. Even if they do not have savings for this purpose, they can quickly find a way to […]

Reasons for rejecting a loan application

July 14, 2016 By default, non-bank loans are easily available and dedicated to people who need a quick cash injection. They do not require a large number of certificates when submitting the application, so people who have received a refusal […]

Consumer credit consolidation how does it work?

Since the 1980s, banking institutions supported by central banks have been promoting the use of consumer credit. So much so that today it has become the main lever to preserve the purchasing power of households and thus promote economic growth. […]

Real Estate Loan Purchase: Get the Best Loan Offer?

In a context increasingly favorable to borrowing, credit interest rates being particularly low for 3 years, it is common to consider the purchase of outstanding debt by a new body to benefit from the decline rates. While the average interest […]

PLN 2,000 for 30 days – from the second loan

Settlement in accordance with the date of the first loan opens the way to liabilities amounting to even PLN 2,000.  It is worth paying back the loans on time Reliable repayment of all financial obligations is profitable, not only because […]